We want buildings that utilise low carbon renewable energy for heating and cooling, and are efficient at temperature regulation based on occupancy…….

To make buildings greener and temperature-suited for all occupants


To provide low-carbon renewable heating and cooling with temperature regulation

Our Team

Arnold Gad-Briggs
Founder and CEO

Arnold holds a B.Sc from University of Derby, United Kingdom and a M.Sc and Ph.D in Engineering from Cranfield University, United Kingdom. He has 18 years’ experience in entrepreneurship, leadership, business development and engineering in numerous sectors including energy. He has work with some of the Blue-Chip organisations such as Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, Babcock and Safran. Arnold has overall leadership and technical accountability with focus on enabling and driving innovation to deliver cost-effective solutions for customers.

Amy Reid

Amy holds a B.Sc from University of Derby, United Kingdom. She has 19 years’ experience in management, operations and engineering. She has established strategic alliances with organisation leaders to effectively align and support key business initiatives within multi-national engineering organisations such as Rolls-Royce, and Airbus. Her experience drives Ventairge’s strategic and operational goals to deliver the company’s objectives.

Viny Bodhani
Head of Business and Finance

Viny holds a B.Sc from the University of Derby and is Software Information Industry Association (SIIA) and Financial Information Association (FISD) accredited. He is a seasoned business and finance expert, with over 18 years’ experience in FinTech, investments and international business development in the city of London, EU and Asia. Viny drives the business development strategy for Ventairge in line with the value proposition to deliver value for stakeholders.

Sander ten Veldhuijs
Adviser – Strategy and Marketing

Sander has a degree in Bioengineering and worked for many years in R&D as a designer and project manager and he developed several novel technologies that have been patented. He has an excellent knowledge of the development process and has closely worked with manufacturing and operations in highly regulated industries.  After completing an MBA in Manchester, he focussed on strategic marketing and international business and he successfully developed and executed marketing campaigns which took organisations from average performers to market leaders. He has broad experience in opening up new markets and finding suitable partners to start a successful business, which has been facilitated by his excellent language skills. Having worked with a variety of businesses around the world he has a very good understanding of different cultures and how to get the most out of a collaboration. He is experienced in working with small, medium and large companies as part of working with Innovate UK, and is an excellent sounding board for any business-related challenge.

Kumar Patchigolla
Adviser – Technology

Prof. Kumar’s holds a Ph.D, with his work focusing on Energy Systems and developing Net Zero carbon technologies for achieving sustainable development of the global agenda. He is currently a Professor of Decarbonisation of Industrial Clusters at Teesside University. As part of this sustainable energy transition challenge, he has set two main objectives: 1) to end global dependency on fossil fuels such as Europe on Russian oil and gas and, 2) securing energy transition supply to global energy with long-term sustainability and affordability. To achieve these key objectives, his advisory focus is on Net Zero Energy Conversion Systems with Whole System Analysis, Heat Recovery and Energy Storage, Renewable Heating and Cooling Networks for Decarbonising Industrial Sectors, and Sustainable Hydrogen Generation systems, either for blue or green hydrogen approaches.

Decarbonising Buildings Efficiently and Profitably

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