Decarbonising Buildings
Efficiently and Profitably

The Challenge and Opportunity

Heat used to warm buildings is one of the largest energy sources consumed. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from heat is also one of the single largest contributors to emissions. Demand for building cooling is dominated by commercial buildings and is set to rise due to expected rising temperatures. Furthermore, room temperatures have varying effects on the cognitive performances of different genders. This creates an opportunity provide a solution to decarbonise buildings and consider the occupancy to improve productivity.

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Ecological energy renewable solar panel plant with urban landscape landmarks

The Solution

Our solution is to provide a low carbon renewable heating and cooling system. The system provides thermal energy for cooling of buildings in the summer and provides heat in the winter. The system also regulates room temperatures based on occupancy. This increases building energy efficiency at low cost, whilst improving the productivity of the occupancy and minimising dependency on fossil-fuel energy sources.

Decarbonising Buildings Efficiently and Profitably

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